"We continue to be impressed with the quality of Lessley Services. We believe in them so much that we have invested in them."

-John Jackson, EDF Trading North America

About Us

Company Overview

We are a full-service interstate petroleum transport company specializing in hauling crude oil and petroleum products across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Colorado. We are a reliable transportation business with a fleet over 80 trucks and hauling more than 3000 loads per month.

Our founder, Jimmy Lessley, started as an owner-operator and driver in the early 1980’s and has over 30 years experience in hauling materials and heavy equipment for the construction and oil businesses. Our culture is to instill excellence and safety throughout our entire team. We have a deep understanding of the crude trucking business which is demonstrated by the high degree of quality we deliver for our customers.

Our Mission

“None Better” is our company motto. Our mission is to be the best in the crude hauling business by delivering superior customer service through safe and responsible transportation services. Lessley Services prides itself on fair and straightforward dealings with our customers and our people. We value our customer and employee relationships and strive to build upon them by fostering and valuing profitable growth opportunities and rewarding an active safety environment.

Our Values

We believe a successful delivery team is only made stronger by continuously developing and retaining our employees. We keep our word with our customers and employees. We foster open communication and recognize that each team member is critical to our long-term success. We value working together as a team and partnering with our customers. We continuously work to understand and anticipate their needs and exceed expectations.

Our Community

Lessley Services is committed to maintaining a solid partnership with the community including allocating time and benefits with the individuals and communities with whom we work and live. Our primary reinvestment initiatives focus on supporting our local youth. We are actively engaged with local youth sports teams and local YMCA activities.